Jan 18, 2011


These are some shots  from this years MUSIC  CONVENTION  show. i dont usually post any  pics of me on htere but  we had such a blast at this convention  I thought  Id  release some of "the fun"!!!!   Bootsy Collins was the pinnacle of the weekend fort me  and of course the glamorous Mrs. BOOTSY   and both of them were charming  & accomodating .   My  galpal Antoinette is the one with the wild hair  we had a photo shoot  planned but it never happened. Then of course the 20 foot Elvis was pretty  kewl. And thats me with  rockker  Lizzy Borden  (guy  with black hair)    and  the rest of the gals  are my  fave galpal  gals.  Great weekend  in all.!!!!!!

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