Apr 17, 2010


April Thompson is our rad ass hair stylist for the Diva Doll events. April does the great "Victory Rolls"  and super Vargas girl pin up hair for the Diva Doll events. The well know shot of April wrapped in the flag is due to be on the 2011 Motorgirls calendar. Because April is married to a marine, i picked her to do the "military style" photos for Pin Up Perfection magazine. I just thought you  might want to see what April and i got up to last Thursday  and the second shot  you see here, which is my fave of them all too, is going to be a tattoo very soon done by  the well known Uncle Tim a tattooist from Hawaii. April is a great gal, a great FRIEND, a loyal friend, and a smart and amazing woman. Would you  ever know to look at this hawtie that she actually has 4 kids! 

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